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  • Prisoner in the Forbidden Land Gustav Krist Cover Wrap
  • Alone Through the Forbidden Land Gustav Krist Cover Wrap
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The Forbidden Land Bundle

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Get both Gustav Krist's first work Prisoner in the Forbidden Land and his second, Alone Through the Forbidden Land in this discounted bundle. 

Prisoner in the Forbidden Land:

Gustav Krist awoke in a muddy crater, shot through the leg, and being dragged by a Russian soldier. The year was 1914 and Krist had found himself one of over two million Austrians captured by Russians in the First World War. That fateful day for the young soldier would begin a series of experiences that few would live to retell.

Transported to the mysterious lands of Central Asia, Krist weaves a narrative of extreme hardship and his struggle to survive in the horrendous prison camps where so many of his comrades would perish. Facing near death at every turn Krist tells his riveting true story of escapes, recaptures, and his quest to return home by any means. But while the Russian Revolution would bring an end to the war, the chaos of the communist takeover of Central Asia would only make matters more dangerous.

Book 1 of 2 of the Forbidden Land series. Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 288 pages.


Alone Through the Forbidden Land:

 In 1924 the lands of Soviet Central Asia remained shrouded in secrecy, closed off from the rest of Russia without special travel permits, entering its borders as a westerner was simply impossible.

Gustav Krist endeavored to enter those forbidden lands where he had been held as a prisoner of war years before. Driven by the spirit of adventure he would begin a sixteen month journey—using false papers in a daring expedition—revisiting cities where he had previously been condemned to death by Soviet authorities. Along his travels Krist would come to live among the Nomad tribes who called the steppe their home and witness their last days of freedom in a changing world. The forces of Soviet Russia were finally taming a land that had remained wild for centuries.

Book 2 of 2 of the Forbidden Land series. Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 222 pages.

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