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Half a Life Bundle

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Get both James Strachey Barnes' first memoir Half a Life and his second, Half a Life Left in this discounted bundle. 

Half a Life:

While James Strachey Barnes would later become best known for his political works, he would also lead an extraordinarily adventurous life. In this first book of his two-volume autobiography Barnes details his upbringing among the British aristocracy as well as his brushing shoulders with kings, presidents, artists, poets and more in his travels. Barnes glides through the heights of society shedding light on some of the most famous figures of early 20th century Europe, before giving his exciting account of his time as an observation pilot for the British in the First World War.

At the conclusion of the First World War, Barnes would find himself attached to the British Foreign Office during the Paris Peace Conference, beginning his involvement in the politics of southern Europe.

Barnes’ talent for writing, as well as his spirited observations on society shine through in this introduction to a man deserving of a larger spot in history.

Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 288 pages.

Half a Life Left

In this second book of his two-volume memoirs, James Strachey Barnes details the unlikely but true story of his part in the creation of the modern Albanian state, as well as his involvement in the selection of its first native king, King Zog I. He would go on to retell his exciting life as a war reporter embedded with Italian forces during the Second Italo-Ethiopian war, featuring insights from the front lines of some of the most important battles of the conflict.

In addition to detailing a selection of his adventures, Barnes would cast light on his meeting Mussolini, and elaborate on his unapologetic defense of the Italian war effort.

Full of life and enriched by the Barnes' spirited writing, this book is sure to entertain both the history buff and the casual reader. 

Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 254 pages.

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